Marcy's Playground

Sup, I'm Nitra....and welcome to Marcy's Playground.
While you're here, I'll give you a VERY brief description of myself:
-I'm 20
-An Optimistic Pessimist
- Have a high passion for Visual Art ( especially animation and illustration). I enjoy creating my own works as leisure, as well as viewing the works of others along the way. So it can be expected for me to post some of my sketches on here every now and then.
-Also to be expected here is alot of humorous and random personal interest. Amusement and that sort is always good.

-By now, I guess you're wondering why this page is called " Marcy's Playground". For one, it's in reference to that one Alternative Rock group from the 90s. Also, like a playground, it's fun and enticing to be in...think of this place like a mental Disneyland on a screen...while you're on acid.

See, VERY brief. Want to know more? Then feel free to take a browse at the oddities that appear on your screen. Oh yea, and watch your step, this playground can get pretty hectic.


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Famous company logos on non-matching products

I feel so uncomfortable

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How to make comics

My first vine

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Omg laughed so hard

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